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Polishing Compounds


Polishing Compounds
Polishing compounds are tightly sized abrasives held together with glue or grease binders.


Bar Compounds, Cutting & Finishing

Solid bar compounds come in a variety of sizes and formulas to suit your requirement needs.

Glossy & Rouge Compounds

An extremely fine abrasive compound designed for producing a mirror like finish on a variety of metals.

Plastic Finishing Compounds

These compounds are used for barrelling and finishing and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the results required.

Abrasive Compounds

Are used for polishing and finishes.

Abrasive Emulsion & Glues

Used to improve finish or flatness in either slurry or paste form.

Cold Cement

Used for setting up and heading of polishing wheels.

Liquid Compounds

Are designed for automatic spray systems or to be rolled onto the part.