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Polishing Mops and Buffs


Polishing Mops and Buffs
Ideal for polishing metal work or removing scratches in paintwork.


White & Coloured Stitched MopsWhite & Coloured Stitched Mops

For polishing steel, brass, nickel, silver, copper and chrome.

Treated Sisal MopsTreated Sisal Mops

Used for general polishing of metal where metal is badly marked, treated chemically.

Dry Sisal MopsDry Sisal Mops

Used for general polishing of metal where chemically treated mops are inappropriate.

Coolair Calico MopsCoolair Calico Mops

Coolair mops run colder than conventional mops due to unique folding in cloth layers, reducing heat build-up which could damage some substrates.

Loose Calico MopsLoose Calico Mops

This mop is not tightly stitched and thus will collapse allowing the cotton to reach awkward places. Ideal for objects that require fine detail but have difficult crevices.

Automatic Polishing MopsAutomatic Polishing Mops

Used for general polishing and come in Cotton and Sisal material. Generally these are larger mops with a larger bore.

Felt Wheels, Cones & BobsFelt Wheels, Cones & Bobs

Used widely in the metal finishing industry from aircraft turbines to surgical equipment and jewellery.