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Brushes Wire and Nylon


Brushes Wire and Nylon
Filaments of abrasive nylon brushes are composed of heat stabilized nylon and abrasive grain that are co-extracted into monofilament brushes.


Rotary, Hand, Stainless Steel

Rotary brushes use a brush system that revolves around an axis; hand brushes are used by hand and come in a range of sizes.

Mild Steel, Twist Knot

Are designed for heavy duty surface cleaning, corrosion resistant aggressive twist knots.

Cup Brushes, Scratch Brushes

Designed for removing scale rust and paint and other surface preparation including deburring and polishing.

Spindle Mounted & Sections

Normally used in electrical and pneumatic tools.

Nylon, Fibre & Bristle

Used in almost any industrial setting, a versatile bristle set of materials used for heavy cleaning or down to fine polishing and finishing.